New Years Eve 2018 in Casablanca

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Quite often, spending the holidays in a new, exotic setting can bring about new meaning, giving you a memorable perspective on life and everything that makes the world so magical. This is what spending New Years Eve 2018 in Casablanca, Morocco will do you for. It’s the city that has been featured in famous movies, whose landscapes remind you of a world that dates back centuries. That being said, while Morocco is rich in history and tradition, Casablanca is also a vibrant city that also offers a variety of West delights; the combination of the two is one of the many things that making visiting the city so exciting.

New Years Eve in Casablanca CityPalais de Justice Building CasablancaCasablanca Movie for NYE
Casablanca CityPalais de Justice BuildingCasablanca Movie
New Years Eve Parties and Events
Traditionally, the locals celebrate the new year at home with friends and family, dancing, eating traditional cakes, having a great time, often heading out at midnight to watch the fireworks across Ain Diab, in the Corniche (a road located on the side of a mountain) of Casablanca. The Ain Diab area is home to numerous exceptional accommodations and next to the beach is the popular Morocco Mall; here you’ll find all your favorite major store chains and exclusive brands, along with an IMAX theatre and a long list of additional fun activities to enjoy.
Fireworks at Corniche Ain DiabMorocco Mall in NYE ShoppingIMAX Theatre in Casablanca
Fireworks at Ain-Diab Morocco Mall IMAX Theatre
The city offers a lot of unique shopping experiences that will be even more living on New Years Eve 2017 in Casablanca. If you prefer more authentic and energetic shopping spots you’ll want to visit the artisan shops and lively street markets. Old Medina is the oldest part of the city, abounding with narrow paths, making unique twists and turns, filled with delightful aromas of the local, fresh spices and delicious street foods that include savory breads, grilled corn, some also selling freshly squeezed orange juice and more.
Old Medina MarketsLively Street Markets CasablancaArtisan Shop in Casablanca
Old Medina MarketsLively Street MarketsArtisan Shop
You’ll also find a number of vendors selling fresh fruits and vegetables, antiques, beautiful, locally made clothing, local arts and crafts and souvenirs. You’ll also enjoy the artfully made, historical architecture in the area.
Food at 1717 N BayshoreEat the Best Street FoodGrilled Tuscan Tuna Salad
Food at 1717 N BayshoreEat Best Street FoodsGrilled Tuscan Tuna Salad
When it comes to celebrating the New Year, you should definitely consider making (early) reservations at Rick’s Cafe, a fantastic restaurant designed to replicate the bar made famous by Ingrid Bergman and Humphrey Bogart’s movie classic “Casablanca”. Located in an ancient courtyard style mansion constructed against the walls of the Old Medina, the piano bar/restaurant is filled with creative, decorative and architectural details reminiscent of the classic film.
Cafe Bar CasablancaBelly Dance MaroccoNight Life & Bar
Cafe Bar CasablancaBelly Dance MaroccoNight Hot Party
The La Bodega, a Spanish tapas bar, provides a totally original New Years Eve experience that includes bartenders who thrill party goers by eating fire. There are also a lot of Western style bars and nightclubs in the Gironde and Maarif neighborhoods and most of the hotels host their own New Years Eve celebrations.
Night Event in Casablanca

Night Life Event and Show

One thing you probably haven’t done before on holiday is take a desert tour (via caravan, ATV’s and/or camel) and touring Morocco’s uniquely beautiful deserts, traveling through the magnificent Atlas Mountains; this is something that should definitely be experienced at least once in a lifetime.
Mazagan Beach Resort hotel, Casablanca, MoroccoLe Tahiti Beach Club in CasablancaFresh and Relax
Mazagan Beach ResortLe Tahiti Beach ClubFresh and Relax
New Years Eve 2018 in Casablanca Accommodations
Casablanca is home to an exceptional variety of accommodations including the Villa Blanca Hotel where you’ll have breathtaking ocean views, JM Suites Hotel and the Oum Palace Hotel, all wonderful choices. If you’re considering spending a unique and magical 2017 New Year in Casablanca, be sure to book your reservations far in advance.

Enjoy your New Years Eve 2018 in Casablanca

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